Pastor Updates

March 8, 2019 


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday. Remember to set your clocks an hour ahead.

#2) On Sunday we welcome Joel Rude to our pulpit. Joel is the executive director of Alpine Christian Conference Center near Lake Arrowhead. During the past years women and men from our church have attended retreats there and they always come back with great appreciation for its ministry. Joel is a very thoughtful and spiritual person who you will find stimulating and encouraging. Hope you can join us. Services at 9 and 10:45 am.

#3) Congratulations…today is our last scheduled reading of Kingdoms – Joshua thru 2 Kings! If you read the entire assignment or even part, I trust you gained not only in knowledge of our Lord, but in love for our Lord as you realized His great mercy and faithfulness. And I hope you have planned to join us for our celebration dinner tonight in Fellowship Hall. It’s going to be a great way to wrap up our time in these Old Testament books.

#4) Commitment is not very popular today, but commitment lies at the foundation of strong relationships. Aren’t you glad God is committed to His promises? Aren’t you grateful for the commitment of a faithful spouse? Aren’t you thankful for the people who are committed to Journey South Bay as their home church? Without them, our church wouldn’t exist. Just as we formalize a commitment in marriage and to a number of other things, so it is good to formalize a commitment to a local body of Christ followers. We make that available to people at our church and it begins by attending a New Members Class. Attending the class in no way commits you to the church, but it informs you about the church and whether or not our vision is one that aligns with you. Love to have you join me this Sunday, 10:45 am, room 4, for a one hour New Member Class to learn more about our church.

#5) Wednesday officially began Lent. What is Lent? It’s a time Christians have historically taken to prepare themselves through self-examination and denial in order to celebrate Easter well. The Resurrection is the reason we are Christians, but to fully appreciate the Resurrection we must understand our sin and its implications for Jesus death on the cross and resurrection. This year I am going through an email devotional put out by Biola University. If you haven’t planned another Lenten activity, I would encourage you to join me. It not only includes Scripture and a devotional meditation but also artwork, poetry, and prayer that tie into the theme. Here is a link




Yours for the kingdom,

Pastor Jim