Pastor Updates

June 15, 2018


Good morning Journey South Bay! 

#1) If you’re a man, I hope you can join us this Father’s Day as the women spoil us with some special ‘eats’ between services. Come hungry and bring a friend! It’s going to be good!


#2) We are all headed somewhere. Sometimes we know what’s coming next like a graduation, a wedding, a new baby, or a new job. However, there is not necessarily a correlation between knowing where we are going and being prepared for what’s next. This Sunday I will be preaching on how you can get prepared for the next season when you see it coming. Hope you can join us.


#3) One of our long time members Andrea Craig passed away a few weeks ago. We will be having a memorial service for her at church this Saturday, June 16th, at 10 am. You are invited to join us as we celebrate her life and the victory won for her by Jesus Christ.


Yours for the kingdom,

Pastor Jim