Pastor Updates

March 2, 2018 


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) Today our youth are heading up to Big Bear for their winter retreat. The theme is Things Above from Colossians 3. These retreats have been life changing for so many of our youth. Please keep them in prayer for God to do a work in each person’s heart this weekend. He is more than able! And for safety as winter weather has finally arrived.

#2) This week we are reading the second half of Exodus as we continue our 8 week journey Thru the Pentateuch. The last few days you have been learning about the Tabernacle – probably more than you ever wanted to know (-: But it is such a BIG deal that our creator God wants to be among His people; that He wants a relationship. It is what God dreams about, having a relationship with you. It’s why He redeemed Israel then and us today. Hang in there with the reading because God will bless it!

#3) “Leviticus…let’s skip that book; it’s so boring and confusing.” Actually it is an amazing book, and it’s the book we will be reading next week. This Sunday I hope to unpack Leviticus in a way that simplifies it and shows you how important and relevant it is to our lives. Hope you can join us as I preach on “The Way to God”.

#4) Thot: Where does God dwell today? Not in a tabernacle or physical temple, but in the heart of every believer. Why don’t you connect with and enjoy His presence right now? It’s what you are made for.


Yours for the kingdom,

Pastor Jim