Pastor Updates

October 13, 2017


Good morning Journey South Bay!

#1) #1) This Sunday I wrap up our series Hot Topics. And this week’s topic is one that can make many of us feel uncomfortable; it’s the topic of racism. While it may be uncomfortable and even controversial, it is important for us to talk about and look at what the Bible has to say. We really need God’s perspective on this. Hope you can join us.

#2) One of the gripping stories that comes out of the horrible Northern California fires is of Charles and Sara Rippey. Last year they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. They met in grade school in Wisconsin, graduated from university together, and got married in 1942 just before Charles served in the US army during World War II. This week they died together as the fast moving fire destroyed their home. I think their story moves us because deep inside we all want what they apparently had; a deep and abiding love. It is a reminder that life is much more than our careers, our clothes, and our money. At its core, life is about relationship. In fact, Jesus said the greatest goal is to love God and love others. It starts with our relationship with God, receiving His love and then sharing it with others. So whatever you are worried about or obsessing over today, remember the most important thing you will do is love.

With love,

Pastor Jim