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Youth Director Job Description

Ministry Objective: Create a connected and servant minded youth community who are excited about Christ, excited to bring friends, and know how to apply the message of Christ to their life and their spiritual gifts in an environment where they know they are loved and safe

Full Time Youth Director Position

Reports to: Pastor, Journey South Bay (JSB)

Qualifications and Position Requirements:
• One who is gifted and called to youth ministry, loves young people, and has a passion for evangelism and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level
• An engaging teacher, with a strong biblical and theological background, who is in agreement with JSB’s Statement of Faith
• Current (preferred) or very recent experience in senior high youth ministry as a leader, “deputy” leader, or other leadership position
• Possesses a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a related field (masters preferred)
• Basic administrative and organizational skills for executing large and small youth events
• Self-motivated leader, capable of creating and executing a long-term youth ministry vision
• Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, has a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life (1 Timothy 3:1-7)
• Possesses excellent relational and communication skills for use with students, parents, and staff

Expectations of Youth Director:
• Committed to the Bible as God’s Word and the authority for Christian living above the values of tradition and culture
• Committed to the intentional cultivation of the inner life through worship, study of the Word, and prayer
• Committed to ministering to people in a manner that leads to a closer understanding of the sufficiency of Jesus Christ
• Exhibits the character qualities of a leader as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4

• Supervises volunteers
• Supervised by Senior Pastor

Church Participation
• Attend weekly church service
• Attend and support church wide events
• Attend quarterly ministry team leaders meeting
• Weekly one-hour, one-on-one mentoring with Pastor so he may provide encouragement, direction, support, and challenge you toward holiness, righteousness and continued leadership development
• Meet quarterly with Church Leadership team (at a minimum) to review and present plans
• Attend worship services and special meetings
• Present semi-annual ministry updates and goals for the coming year to the Leadership Team
• Present an annual youth budget proposal
• Stay current with youth ministry practices through reading, media, and conferences
• Embrace a 3-month and 6-month performance review; and then thereafter an annual review for mentoring, guidance, support and affirmation

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Lead and organize effective youth programs implementing team-building/ fellowship, worship, biblical teaching, discipleship, evangelism/ outreach, and mission opportunities
• Create and implement a comprehensive discipleship program from 7th -12th grade including service projects
• Seek to integrate youth ministry into all phases of church life to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries
• Participate as needed in the evaluation and development of the overall church ministry
• Develop leadership among youth through organized youth leadership program (in addition to adult/college volunteers)
• Recruit, develop, train and shepherd volunteer youth staff with diverse gifts and personalities to minister to their peers and others
• Challenge and lead youth to identify and use spiritual gifts in service to the church and outside of the church
• Support JSB parents in effectively fulfilling their Christian parenting roles, in concert with other pastoral staff
• Update parents on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement
• Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities
• Implement and maintain large groups, small groups, evangelism, missions, service projects, retreats, and social activities
• Establish a local identity with emphasis in our local community and high schools
• Interact with youth in their environment(s) and activities during the week outside of church
• Provide counseling and spiritual direction to youth on an individual basis, as needed, through proactive relationship-building with youth
• Assist in the development and oversight of the youth ministry budget; also manage student fees for events and trips in a timely fashion

Additional information on desired outcomes of the ministry (assembled with direct inputs from the youth leaders and youth in the Jr/Sr high)

Desired characteristics of the youth program: Family feel, open, supporting, community oriented, fosters fellowship and bonding, integrated into service and community of church, not an afterthought of the larger church, equips youth in becoming young adults, youth know they are loved, cares both about the group and the individual

Desired characteristics of Youth Director: approachable, relational, enthusiastic, friend/mentor relationship, caring, fun, lively, connect with kids, knowledgeable, understands youth perspectives, legitimizes problems youth face, demonstrates strong character, meets kids where they are and in what they are going through, can bring loving correction when necessary and employ discipline that does not infringe on the dignity of the student

Desired attributes of bible teaching: Brings the word to life, teaches with energy/passion, generationally relevant content, challenging and knowledgeable Bible teaching, can relate the Bible to what kids are going through in life, address real world “today’s times” issues

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