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Great Commission Africa

Great Commission Africa (GCA) is a not-for-profit organization devoted to spreading the good news of the Gospel in Uganda, East Africa.

Rick Kushon has travelled more than twenty-five times to Uganda in the past fifteen years, planting four non-denominational churches, and establishing a prison ministry and a medical mission. GCA was founded to create, grow, encourage and support the work of many ministry endeavors in the Hoima and Masindi districts of Uganda.

GCA supports four teams of local pastors and lay ministers, who work to strengthen the four churches. These pastoral teams regularly visit the prisons in their districts, and do outreach and evangelism in schools, markets, and rural villages — anywhere there are opportunities to present the Gospel!

Initiatives have been created in business development through farming and raising livestock, in health care through regular treatment of ringworm and parasites, and by drilling water wells on each church site, vastly improving the standard of living among the poor in these rural areas.

Your support ensures that the good work begun by God through Great Commission Africa will continue and flourish under local Ugandan pastoring and leadership.

For more information, contact Rick Kushon at (310) 803-6120 or


Rick Kushon

For more information, contact Rick Kushon at (310) 803-6120 or