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Our Children's Ministry will be providing our weekly Sunday School lessons virtually through this page for you to use with your kids. We pray that God's word would be tucked into the hearts of our little ones, and that everyone stays safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.


Older Elementary (ages 6-12)


April 5, 2020

Lesson: Jeremiah: God Chooses Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:4-19)


Worship: Wisdom Wave from DIG IN



Sunday School Lesson with Mr. Gary:



Talk About It Video: God Spoke from DIG IN

Today we’re learning that God knows who we really are. He made Jeremiah for a special job and promised to be with Jeremiah. 

- Do you ever feel too young to do something important? (Talk about that.)

- What tools or abilities has God given you to do important things? (Parents please share your own example first.) For example, God might have given you the ability to sing, and you help lead worship in church sometimes. Maybe he’s given you a compassionate heart, and you use that to help others.

- With these tools, what do you think God has made you to do?

God knows who we really are, and he made each of us with a special job! Just like he was with Jeremiah, he’ll be with you and help you.



Craft: Blank Canvas Easel  

“Blank Canvas Easel Instructions” handout. Click on image or download here. Make easels or paintings that show the potential of a blank canvas.



For older kids:
- craft sticks (8 per child)
- Glue Dots
- hot glue gun (for teacher use only)
- white card stock
- scissors
- markers or paint and paintbrushes

For younger kids:
- easel pad sheets (1 sheet per child)
- disposable plastic sheeting
- painter’s tape
- various colors of washable paint
- disposable bowls
- paintbrushes (1 per child)
- adult T-shirts for smocks (1 per child)


Easy Prep:
- Tape plastic sheeting to the walls and floor of your craft area.
- Tape a sheet of easel paper for each child to the plastic-covered walls.
- Pour washable paint into the disposable bowls.
- Make a sample craft to show kids.



Talk About It: Dig In at Home, click on the image or download here.