Welcome to Journey South Bay Kids' Sunday School lessons!

Our Children's Ministry will be providing our weekly Sunday School lessons virtually through this page for you to use with your kids. We pray that God's word would be tucked into the hearts of our little ones, and that everyone stays safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.


Younger Elementary (ages 3-5)


April 5, 2020

Lesson: Josiah (2 Kings 22–23; 2 Chronicles 34)


Worship: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus from DIG IN


Watch It Story: Josiah from Saddleback Kids



Coloring Page: (Click on the image or download here.) 


Craft: Paper Crown



- Paper plate

- Paper

- Crayons and/or markers

- Hot glue

- Buttons, pom poms, jewels, sequins or whatever embellishments you have

- Scissors


Instructions: Can be found on Meaningful Mama's blog. Click here or click on the image below to link to the blog's instructions.



Take It Home: Talk about it more at home. Here are the Bible Truths:

• King Josiah loved God.
• King Josiah humbly obeyed God’s law.
• King Josiah wanted God’s people to trust, love and obey God.